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LIVE! is an award-nominated marketing technology company
founded in
Switzerland by award-winning entrepreneur Sam Plecic.
The company is globally active and is focused on the premium segments in the industries of Sports, Music, Influencers & VIP environments.
LIVE! is supported by the Innovation programme of the Swiss Government and the Canton of Berne, marking the company as one of the most innovative companies of Switzerland.
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the live! vision

Maximum Fan Experience & total business control

for brands, content owners & rights holders.
For the first time in history
Our mission is to give content owners and rights holders to possibility to free themselves from third parties, which control their business. To give those rights holders the power to create individual, non-streamlined offers & experiences for their fan communities and to control their customer data base & their cash flow.
The founders passion has always been live events in sports & music
LIVE! envisions a groundbreaking marketing and sales platform that empowers brands, rights holders, and content creators.
Our commitment lies in revolutionizing fan engagement, creating state-of-the-art fan experiences, leveraging cutting-edge tech for unified hybrid strategie (live & digital) and unleashing the sheer power of fan communities all over the world.
LIVE! shapes and lives a multi-cultural, human- and animal-friendly environment
Steered from Switzerland, in passionate collaborations with partners/employees from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, India, Croatia and the US of A.

The LIVE! team is completed by a bunch of cats, dogs, hedgehogs and myriads of birds & butterflies.
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