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Be like the global top-tier organizations
Create a seamless, top-of-breed experience for your valuable VIP guests - let them find everything, don't miss anything & gain the best event treatment on the market. So good, that our clients want to keep it confidential.
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Create a new level of fan experience
VIPs are important stakeholders and deserve the best possible treatment - before, during and aftern an event. LIVE! guides your VIP clients seamlessly through the event.  And creates emotionally retaining experiences and moments, that foster your relationships with your guests - with the best possible VIP experience on the market: LIVE! VIP.
LiVE! Benefits
for VIP Clients
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Before, during & after event, the LIVE! solution guides you through the event from A-Z. LIVE! VIP is exclusive to VIP ticket holders, providing a seamless & luxury VIP experience, which offers an interactive event calendar that allows clients to locate event hotspots instantly, book tours, participate in raffles, meet riders/team owners and become a part of the show.
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No more hassel to find the accreditation centre, the various entrances, parking spaces or other event hot spots.
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Our interactive schedule is currently the only such functionality in the VIP on-site management market. Push notifications support to not miss anything, integrated event booking systems enable real-time bookings for VIP tours/walk-arounds and the participation in various raffles.
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Own and control your valuable VIP guest data for the first time in history - as agencies and race track owners control this data normally. Upsell & promote in real-time campaigns, when your target group is emotionalised (i.e tickets for the next races or special merch)
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Interactive VIP engagement
State-of-the art fan engagement & entertainment functionalities make the VIP guests a part of the show and create unforgettable experiences and moments.
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Always in touch
The client is always in touch with its VIP guests and communications/coordinates the guests in real time, individual guest management in a league of its own.
GET YOUR VIP Fan Experience!
Lift your VIP experience on the level that your VIP guests deserve. LiVE! eases up your event & community management life dramatically and lift your VIP evernt experience into another, own league. Create a compelling, value-driving VIP environment, which retains existing VIP clients and makes your VIP event offering even more attractive – for VIP guests, sponsors and other partners.
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